r174698 - CMake: Include Clang unit tests in check-clang target in standalone builds.

Pinging the list because of this:

If you picked up my earlier commit, YOU WILL HAVE TO MANUALLY SET THIS OPTION BACK ON. My apologies!

If you have a CMake build that picked up r174691-7 (in the last 5 hours), the previous commit will have disabled running the Clang unit tests. This commit restores the default behavior to be “run the Clang unit tests if you’re running the LLVM unit tests”, but the way CMake works is that once an option is present at generation time once, it sticks.

To fix this, re-run your CMake configuration with the CLANG_INCLUDE_TESTS option set to “ON”. Purging the CLANG_INCLUDE_TESTS from the CMakeCache.txt file and re-running CMake will also

This also applies to anyone with a CMake-based buildbot. The only ones I know of are Takumi’s (and I’m pinging David in case we have some I don’t know about), but if there are internal Google ones this commit will probably have borked them up too.

Very sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope this won’t happen again, but on the plus side, those of us with standalone builds can now run the unit tests with “check-clang” as well.