Randon failures in clang-ppc64le-linux-lnt

Hi Bill,

The PPC LNT buildbot is randomly failing on LNT because of timeouts.


I've checked all recent LNT failures and they were spotted on some
processes (lua, sqlite3, tramp3d, expandfft, etc), so I doubt this is
in any was a real time out due to code-gen issues. I imagine they're
all at the edge already and the standard deviation is enough to get it
past the limit often.

Given that this is mostly noise, can you move this bot to the quiet
build master (http://lab.llvm.org:8014/) so that you can continue to
track it's progress without emailing people all the time? Once it's
stable again, you can move it back to the main master.


I am running more bots on that particular hardware than I would like to because of hardware issues on another server I usually use. I will tweak the run settings for it so the timeouts should not occur. I will also keep a closer watch on it.

You can reduce the number of simultaneous jobs run on a given slave (in the buildbot config) if necessary to reduce load. But if we can’t get reliable results with reasonably short blame lists (reducing the number of jobs means longer blame lists as builds are run less frequnetly, etc) that’s a problem - such results won’t be readily actionable and the results tend to become noise at that point, lowering the quality bar for all buildbots/developers.