Ravi - an experimental dialect/derivative of Lua with LLVM based JIT compilation


I would like to introduce Ravi, which is a new programming language
based on Lua 5.3. I am implementing a JIT compiler for Ravi/Lua using

The main enhancement in Ravi compared to Lua is optional static
typing. The design and the implementation status of Ravi is described
in the main website (link below). I am also documenting my experiences
with LLVM as I implement Ravi.

Ravi is work in progress. Only a fraction of Lua bytecodes are
currently JIT compiled. I hope to implement a large percentage of the
Lua bytecodes by the middle of this year.

The project documentation can be found at:


The main website where development is occurring is:

I would be grateful if Ravi could be added to the list of projects using LLVM.

Thanks and Regards