RE: [LLVMdev] More on Cygwin


> Unfortunately, at the end of the process I got the following
> configure: WARNING: ***** llvm C/C++ front end was not
> found, or does not appear to be working.
Yes, Reid changed the CFE build instructions to add
"--program-prefix=llvm" to the end of the configure line, but
autoconf and Makefiles are not yet updated with that change.

Thanks for the tip, it worked with the configuration problem. However,
further on, I'm back to the old crtend problem I reported a while ago:

llvm[0]: Linking comp_main.bc component...
/cygdrive/d/3rd-party/llvm/Debug/bin/gccld.exe -link-as-library \
ries/crtend/comp_main.lst \
assertion "(Result->isFirstClassType() || Result == Type::VoidTy ||
isa<OpaqueType>(Result)) && "LLVM functions cannot return aggregates""
failed: file "Type.cpp", line 373
make: ***
bc] Error 1

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,