readability-identifier-naming broken for GlobalConstantCase


I'm currently using clang-tidy to automatically check style guides. I noticed that the StaticConstantCase doesn't seem to work. I have the following CheckOptions for constants:

    - { key: readability-identifier-naming.StaticConstantCase, value: camelBack }
    - { key: readability-identifier-naming.ConstantCase, value: camelBack }
    - { key: readability-identifier-naming.LocalConstantCase, value: camelBack }
    - { key: readability-identifier-naming.GlobalConstantCase, value: CamelCase }

The .c file that I'm trying to run the check on has the constant as listed in the example in it:

static unsigned const myConstStaticArray = {1, 2, 3};

but this still throws "invalid case style for global constant 'myConstantStaticArray". This is really a static/local constant, both of them have the same option configuration but somehow clang-tidy sees it as global.

Any help appreciated :slight_smile: