[Recap] Where to find mingw compatible dev builds

Hello guys,

I want to thank you for your recent decision to support officially
Windows as a platform!

Unfortunately, the 3.4 (and upcoming 3.5) build is a user build (only
the exe and dependencies).

I'm using mingw for all my windows compiling: VS - even free - is too
way much for me.
And I need a dev build, with the llvm libraries (include and a/lib
files) by that, I mean :
As much as I would like official mingw compatible dev builds, I
managed to find those.

So instead of plainly asking for those builds (which would be great,
guys), I want to share my findings :
   - 3.4 : no luck
   - 3.3 : provided by drangon[1]. 32bits[2] and 64bits [3]
   - 3.2 : didn't stumble upon.
   - 3.1 by you 32bits (experimental) [4]. Or by drangon again:
32bits [5] and 64bits [6]

[1] : mingw-w64-dgn - Browse /others at SourceForge.net
[2] : mingw-w64-dgn - Browse Files at SourceForge.net
[3] : mingw-w64-dgn - Browse Files at SourceForge.net
[4] : http://llvm.org/releases/3.1/clang+llvm-3.1-i386-mingw32-EXPERIMENTAL.tar.bz2
[5] : mingw-w64-dgn - Browse Files at SourceForge.net
[6] : Download mingw-w64-dgn from SourceForge.net

Thanks for your awesome work !

PS: I can't wait to play with lld.
For us trying to port big linux/gnu apps to windows, ld is currently a
major pain in the ass.
We deal with hundred of unresolved references and the current output
is very hard to read.

You can obtain the LLVM source files from SVN


or download from


and build using cmake according to



Is there options that you would recommend for a 32bits mingw build (on a windows 7 64 bits box) ?

Hi Carl,

I have not built with MingW for a long time, I’m using Visual C++ now.

However all options are in the cmake files, you just need to run cmake and make.


You are not using clang?
Or do you mean clang+vs?

Anyway, I’m compiling the whole thing now.
I just did make -j 4 install.

I am using Visual C++ to compile clang/LLVM.