Recent clang 3.7 RC1 release broke Travis CI integration


Until Friday of last week, it was possible to install a package named “clang-3.7” from the llvm-toolchain-precise repository linked to from However, at about the same time 3.7 RC1 was announced, that stopped working. People who use Travis CI for integration testing frequently depend on being able to retrieve clang this way so that they can test their applications built with clang 3.7.

What is the currently-recommended way to get an apt package of clang-3.7?

Also, I have a suggestion for the future: It seems that the current LLVM project policy is to only create a llvm-toolchain-precise-X.Y repository when version X.Y has been released. Until then, the prerelease versions of clang are only available from the llvm-toolchain-precise repo. It would be more convenient for users of Travis CI and similar integration tools if the llvm-toolchain-precise-X.Y repo was created at the start of the cycle for version X.Y instead of the end.

In particular, it would be great if the llvm-toolchain-precise-3.8 repository could be created now for the 3.8 prereleases, instead of later when 3.8 is released.



This is probably due to trunk getting its version bumped from 3.7 to 3.8.

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