Recent Linux test failures

Yesterday I mentioned that I had some LLDB test failures while trying an
LLVM patch, and Pavel requested more details.

This morning I built clang/llvm/lldb r296443; I had done
  cmake -DLLDB_TEST_COMPILER=$PWD/bin/clang
so that 'ninja check-lldb' would make use of the just-built clang.

'ninja check-lldb' reported 3 Failures and 12 Errors. I found some
log files in 'lldb-test-traces' so I zipped up Failure* and attached
it to this email. Let me know if you need other information.

--paulr (4.07 KB)

Also, if I do 'ninja check-all' then I get a compile-time error in
lldb/unittests/Core/LogTest.cpp (line 24):
could not convert '(const char*)"log foo"' from 'const char*' to 'llvm::StringLiteral'


Thank you Paul. Could you paste the output of the “check-lldb” command?

The LogTest.cpp thing looks like a gcc issue I ran into earlier, I’ll have that fixed shortly.


zip of the test run output is attached.

–paulr (7.61 KB)