Recommended GCC version for ARM/Linux platform for LLVM compilation.


I'm trying to find myself, but anyway, I'm curious what's the recommended GNU C++ version for LLVM compilation on ARM/Linux platform? I'm using various version of Ubuntu and so far the best compiler I found was 4.4.1 (Ubuntu 4.4.1-4ubuntu9)[1]. With this and with just -O1 as optimize option I've been able to get to 1 failing testcase. Other tested were 4.4.3 and 4.5.2 and with default -O3 I'm on about 100 (4.5.2 being the worst compiler here) of failing testcases (those compilers generates thumb by default) and with "-marm -O1" as optimize option I'm on 28 (4.5.2) and 18 (4.4.3) failing testcases. (-marm being better than -mthumb) (also here[2])

So I'm curious what's *the* recommended compiler on this platform which LLVM development is using?

[1]: LLVM on ARM | GHC on ARM
[2]: Bug #513735 “[arm] needs porting to thumb2” : Bugs : llvm package : Ubuntu

Hi Karel,

I'm not sure what test cases you're talking about, but we use
CodeSourcery's GCC and binutils (latests, not stable, because of new
core support) and it works a treat.

You can freely download it from their website.


Hi Renato,

I'm not sure if this is not misunderstanding. As far as I know, CodeSourcery provides cross-compilers for ARM platforms and not native compilers. In my case I'm talking about native compiler running on Cortex-A9 (PandaBoard) and compiling LLVM directly on PandaBoard...

The test cases I'm talking about are those which are directly packed in LLVM (test subdirectory) so you compile LLVM and then just invoke `make check' to test the build ...


Oh, ok. Sorry, my bad.

So, last year we built it in a beagle board using Debian's gcc 4.3.4
and it worked fine. All LLVM (plus a few internal) tests passed
without much trouble.

It seems that the 4.3.4 is not on your list. :wink:

But again, that's too fragile. I wonder which gcc the ARM buildbot is
built with, because it does pass all tests once in a while.