Red bot keeps notifying?

I had the impression that a bot that went red only reported the first failure. I got a fail-mail for fuschia-x86_64-linux but it’s the same failure that apparently has been happening for days, at least.

Yeah, that’s my understanding too.

@petrhosek for Fuschia things - any ideas what’s going on with this bot/who’s maintaining it?
@gkistanova for general bot maintenance - any ideas why this bot is still notifying while red?

Hi David,

Do you have by any chance a direct link to that red build you got a notification for?
I’ll check the logs.

Please ignore that. There is the link in Paul’s original post. Missed that somehow.

Yeah, @pogo59 linked it in the top of this thread: Buildbot

Thanks for reporting this, Paul!

We got down to the root of the problem. There is an issue in the buildbot code when it fails to properly detect red-to-red transition in some cases of collapsed build requests. I’ll prepare a fix for this.

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