Reference to recently created move

Hey, guys, I am creating some move instructions with MRegisterInfo::copyRegToReg. How do I get a pointer to the instruction that I just created? Is there a way to do something like:

// mbb is MachineBasicBlock, reg_info is MRegisterInfo

MachineBasicBlock::iterator iter = mbb.getFirstTerminator();

reg_info->copyRegToReg(mbb, iter, dst, src, rc);

iter--; (???)

MachineInstr * new_move_instruction = iter; (???)

This does not work though.

Thank you,


copyRegToReg() always insert the move instruction before "iter". Just use prior(iter) after the insertion to reference the newly created move instruction.


Thanks, Evan.

     Actually, the previous code is working. I had got a segfault for some reason, but it was not because of the dereferencing. I have figured it out now.