Reg: Adding immediate operand as part of Intrinsic

Hello Everyone

I am trying to add an custom Intrinsic to the RISCV backend, which operates on a simm12 operand. I figured the steps to add it to lib/llvm/Target/RISCV/ & lib/llvm/Target/RISCV/ But I am not sure how to declare the intrinsic in llvm/include/IR/ . Specifically, since I require a imm12 operand, how should I specify that in intrinsic declaration? Is there a corresponding llvm_i12_ty which I can specify and make use of ImmArg<> to specify that the operand is an immediate, or should I just use the nearest size type, i.e. llvm_i16_ty and make use of the ImmArg<> ?

Please guide me on this

Thanking you

There’s not a good way to enforce the number of bits in the immediate in IR. The best you can do is use an oversized type and have isel reject selecting an instruction if the immediate doesn’t fit. If you’re creating the intrinsic in clang from a builtin you can also range check the immediate in lib/Sema/SemaChecking.cpp to give a nice diagnostic to the user.

You might want to use llvm_i32_ty so that’s at least a legal type on RV32. Or llvm_anyint_ty and pick the correct type for RV32 or RV64 when you create the intrinsic.