Regarding a clang-format option to separate the logical-not operator from its test

Hello all.

I have downloaded and installed the latest clang-format snapshot
(version 5, from and have been playing around with
it a bit, and I like it. It has its quirks, but nothing that
would stop me using it for my project(s) ... except one thing.

I religiously insert a space between the "!" operator and its
test, like so:

    if (! foo)

    if (! bar())
        return false;

    if (! (foo = bar()))
        // etc ...

Were I to run clang-format on one of my larger projects at the
moment, it would generate a 2,332-line diff (1,158 insertions,
1,174 deletions) across all 47 source files. More than 92% of
the changes would be to remove that space, which I would rather
keep as it enhances readability.

Are there any plans to implement an option to insert a space
between the logical-not operator and its test? Has anyone else
asked this before? Is it even feasible?

Aaron Jones