Regarding Error on Mac OSX

Hello guys,

I get the following error whenever i try to check if the following pass exists. I am using Mac OSX leopard and gcc4

opt -load ../Release/lib/LLVMHello.dylib -hello
Error opening '../Release/lib/LLVMHello.dylib': dlopen(../Release/lib/LLVMHello.dylib, 1): Symbol not found: __ZN4llvm12FunctionPass11runOnModuleERNS_6ModuleE
  Referenced from: /ketan/dcm-project/llvm-2.3/Release/lib/LLVMHello.dylib
  Expected in: flat namespace

  -load request ignored.
opt: Unknown command line argument '-hello'. Try: 'opt --help'

Can you please help me and guide as to how i can resolve this issue.

Thank you


There is reported bug about this (#2771), or at least related.
Though it seems there is no "proper" solution known so far.

The workaround is to use 'opt' from the Release/bin directory

In your case:
../Release/bin/opt -load ../Release/lib/LLVMHello.dylib -hello

Would probably work.

Best regards

Thanx a lot Vlado!!!!
It works :slight_smile: