Regarding the Project details referred by Nanda Kishore

Thank you for you mail.

The Changes i have done for SAFECode 3.2 V in Cygwin not for Linux after changing these files am able to get the Partial output in Cygwin.

Yes Prof SAFECode on Windows is not reporting the errors as in Linux.

For example, the getProgramCounter() function in safecode/runtime/DebugRuntime/PoolAllocatorBitMask.cpp has #include guards that generate code that should work on Mac OS X and Linux. However, it will likely return a zero value on Windows as it does not have code to support Windows. You will need to look up how to get the program counter from a signal handler on Windows and use that to enhance the getProgramCounter() function so that it works on Windows

ANS: I have already changed the getProgramCounter() function value in the Windows OS after that also am not able to make that to be Worked. I will be Working on SAFECode 3.2 V could you please kindly Help me out that how i can make this to be done that SAFECode 3.2 V should Work in Windows OS

How to enhance this problem to Work in Windows OS? i was not able to do this prof please help me to find a solution for this. So am sharing the total Work Area of SAFECode 3.2 V Cygwin (Windows) please you can have a look in the files and find our solution Prof.