Regenerating public API reference documentation

Hi All,

The current LLDB API reference documentation available at and at but it haven’t been updated since July 2013.

I am planning to regenerate it next week using “ninja lldb-cpp-doc lldb-python-doc” (from a Linux machine using epydoc 3.0.1 and doxygen 1.8.6) to get them up to date. Is there any objection against it?

Additionally, in the future it would be great if we can keep the generated doc more up to date after additions to the SB API so users of LLDB can rely it.


There is a bot continuously updating ; ideally we should be able to hook the other LLVM sub-projects there.

As nobody had any objection I committed in the regeneration of the docs as rL284725

For generating it automatically it would be great but as far as I know currently the LLDB docs and the LLVM docs are generated and distributed in a very different ways so it might be challenging to integrate (in case of LLDB the HTML files are checked into the main lldb repository).