Regression with commit 264241

Hey all,

We've just bumped our clang revision internally and found the following regression with SVN 264241 (differential

The line that is causing us umbrage is in clang/lib/CodeGen/TargetInfo.cpp:7393:

assert(CGM.getLangOpts().OpenCL && "SPIR is only for OpenCL");

We compile from non-OpenCL sources targeting SPIR/SPIR64, and then link these with OpenCL kernels. Because of the assert, we can no longer compile the non-OpenCL source files.

Would anyone greatly miss us removing this assert? Locally everything works as expected when I do this.


As you are one of the spir v authors I feel you can make this call. :slight_smile: I doubt it’ll run into anything Anastasia is doing either as she’s focused on opencl.

Hey Eric!

I thought as much, I’ll do a simple patch to remove the assert.