Relative header include dirs on Reparse

Hi all,

I’m facing a strange behavior with clang libtooling when dealing with relative header paths. I’m using ClangTool to generate ASTUnits (the compiler invocation is fed from a compile_commands file).
In the invocation, we add include directories using relatives paths (ex. “-I…/foo”).
I’m setting FileSystemOptions::WorkingDir on ClangTool’s FileManager. Doing so I can successfully generate an ASTUnit without errors.
But whenever I ask for a Reparse on the ASTUnit, clanglib doesn’t seems to take into account the working dir I set earlier and my DiagnosticConsumer gets header location errors.

Inspecting the ASTUnit, I see that astUnit->getFileManager().getFileSystemOpts().WorkingDir is correctly set, but astUnit->getFileSystemOpts().WorkingDir is empty.

Something I’m missing ?