Release/14.x Branch


I’ve created the release/14.x branch, and bumped the version of main to 15.0.0. I’m planning to do 14.0.0-rc1 on Friday, so if you are finishing up any larger features, there is still time to backport them to the release/14.x branch. After -rc1, we’ll get a little more strict on what is allowed in the branch, but some feature work may still make it in depending on what / when it is ready.


Hi Tom!

Are there any posts/documents explaining how the cherry-pick/blocking bugs process will look in github?
I’ve seen 14.0 release milestone in github and release:backport label, and made use of those. But it’s unclear if this will be enough (or preferred). It would be great to have some description of the new process (or link to an existing one if I missed) either here or in the schedule post.

Thanks a lot for taking care of releases!

@kadircet All you need to do is to create an issue and add it to the Release 14.0.0 milestone. You can also use the automated system to test the backport by adding a commit to the issue like: /cherry-pick <commit> <commit> ...