[Release 3.5] Release Candidate 2 Binaries Available

I’m sorry for the late announcement.

The binaries for the 3.5 release candidate 2 are now available. Please pick them up here and test them out!



Can somebody entertain me and tag libcxxabi please?

I'm expecting something here:

Much appreciated,


This looks like it hasn’t been released since 3.0. Is it still in development?


Going back the last 30 commits, which is roughly 3 months, it's gained:

ARM EHABI exception handling and unwinding.
CMake build system
lit test stuff
Various cleanups and bug fixes

Looks healthy to me.


Yeah it works fine on Linux x86/x64/ARM and should be tagged imho.

Any comments with regards this page?:

I haven't noticed any problems in casual use with x86_64-linux.

In the next day or two, hopefully I will have an entire 3.5 rc2 toolchain bootstrapped and built against libc++ with the LNT nightlies run against it.

I'll also compare it for performance (although I don't tend to see a great deal of consistency), against the normal test-release which builds against libstdc++.


Pretty please with sugar on top? :stuck_out_tongue: