[Release 3.5] Release Candidate 2 Binaries Available

Bill Wendling, Tue Aug 12 01:13:08 CDT 2014

I’m sorry for the late announcement.

The binaries for the 3.5 release candidate 2 are now available. Please pick them up here and test them out!



Created -rc2 tags on svn:

r215069: llvm
r215070: cfe
r215071: dragonegg -> not published!
r215072: test-suite
r215073: compiler-rt
r215074: libcxx
r215075: clang-tools-extra
r215076: polly -> not published!
r215077: lldb -> not published!
r215078: lld -> not published!
r215080: openmp -> not published!

Why do you create tags without publishing tarballs for them?