[release_30] ppc-redhat-linux (fedora 12 ps3)

It can pass on trunk.

Note: You still need to add -UPPC on configure or make.

Clang tests will not let passed for me. There might be many issues.

It fails on some point on release_30.

r143303 in release_30
Failing Tests (5):

* LLVM :: CodeGen/X86/dbg-i128-const.ll

  Fixed in r143194. I think it might be partial fix.
  It was endianness issue on MC Dwarf.

* LLVM :: MC/AsmParser/2011-09-06-NoNewline.s

  Fixed in r143195. Still it is not "TARGETS" neutral.
  (I expect it would fail without --enable-targets=x86)

* LLVM :: Object/nm-archive.test
* LLVM :: Object/nm-trivial-object.test
* LLVM :: Object/objdump-disassembly-inline-relocations.test

  They had potential bug on 32bit hosts. Especially, They fail due to
endianness-ignorant varargs on ppc.

  Squashing r142984, r143120 and r143191 should fix them.
  (See also attached PRIx64.diff)

* Failures on +Asserts
  - LLVM :: CodeGen/Generic/print-arith-fp.ll
  - LLVM :: CodeGen/Generic/print-arith-int.ll

  Fixed in r143290. It could be reproduced with llc -march=ppc32 on
non-native hosts.


PRIx64.diff (1.88 KB)