Remaining big-endian host issues in RuntimeDyld

Hi Lang,

Thanks for your help at the Hackers Lab. Fixing the problems we identified in RuntimeDyldMachOARM.h improves the MachO_ARM_PIC_relocations.s test quite a lot but there’s one failed check that’s proving a bit stubborn:

Expression ‘*{4}(stub_addr(foo.o, __text, baz)) = 0xe51ff004’ is false: 0x4f01fe5 != 0xe51ff004

I’m struggling to find the cause of this mismatch at the moment. Do you have any idea suggestions on where to look?

Daniel Sanders

Leading Software Design Engineer, MIPS Processor IP

Imagination Technologies Limited

I’ve found it. Host-endianness isn’t accounted for when emitting the instructions in the ARM, AArch64, and Mips paths of RuntimeDyldImpl::createStubFunction(). I’ll submit a patch for this soon. I’m not sure if PowerPC is affected or not. It uses big-endian order for ppc64_le which sounds odd but it also specifies the byte order which suggests it could be correct.

Also, I noticed that the AArch64 path is the only one that returns a pointer to the end of the stub function rather than the start. Is that correct?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks very much - I really appreciate you tracking this down. David - once Daniel’s patch goes in it would be interesting to see what impact his work has had on PPC. I expect this will fix some of the tests there too.

Regarding the AArch64 stub-addr return: My read is that createStubFunction returns a pointer to the start of the stub for AArch64. Those switch cases are a bit inconsistent though: What address they return depends on what the caller (relocation logic) wants to do to fix up the stub. That could be modifying operands in the stub, or it could be tagging an extra absolute address field after the stub. Hopefully we can start to clean this stuff up as we move to a RuntimeDyld-class-per-target setup.


Thanks, Lang and Daniel,

Are you referring to r221047? or other(s) yet to come? My original bug report on potential endianness issues in RuntimeDyld for PPC is PR20640. I should have time later this week to merge-and-test trunk (my machine is busy bootstrapping 3.4 ...)


David: There's one more patch after r221047. I've just submitted it to llvm-commits and you can find it at I haven't touched the PowerPC path of createStubFunction() in that patch since I'm not sure whether PowerPC's opcodes are endian-dependant and (unlike the other paths) it currently specifies an endianness.

Lang: Thanks for clarifying. I've left the AArch64 path returning the same value as it did before.