remaining regressions in OpenMP3.1_Validation test suite

Since the openmp test suite is no longer based on the
OpenMP3.1_Validation test suite,
I have opened a series of bug reports for those test suite cases which
are still failing on llvm 3,8 branch and trunk under x86_64 darwin...

#Tested Directive t ct ot oct
omp_for_lastprivate 100 100 100 35
omp_parallel_sections_reduction 100 85 100 50
omp_taskyield 100 100 10 -
omp_task_untied 0 - 0 -
omp_task_final 0 - 0 -

Each failing test has a stand-alone version uploaded with the c
sources and shell scripts to compile and run these problematic tests.
Most of these failures occur to a variable extent suggesting a race
condition might exist.