Reminder : Paris LLVM Social - Today

Today, January 17 an LLVM social will take place in Paris.

Everyone interested in LLVM, clang, Polly, ... is invited to join in.
Those not interested can come along and heckle the rest of us if they like !

This is a casual meeting to get to know people working on LLVM or to
learn something about LLVM. There is no fixed schedule. We just meet
to get to know each other and to discuss. No previous knowledge about
LLVM is required. We will meet at IRILL, where we will have plenty of
tables, whiteboards and an internet connection. You are invited to
bring your laptop to join us --- and we are happy to help with any LLVM
related hacking.

o When is it?

o Where is it?
Location: IRILL Address: 23, avenue d'Italie, 75013 Paris, France
Entering: You can come in with us at 19:00. For people who come later,
there will be a cell phone number at the door which you can call to enter.

o Do people speak English or French?
Most people attending speak both languages. It will be easy for you to
communicate in your preferred language.

o Do I need to register?
No, but if you drop us an email, we can better estimate the number of

Looking forward to meet you,