Remote Compiler Engineer at Igalia

Igalia is looking for a new developer to join our Compilers Team. Our team works across a broad range of technologies, delivering compiler support for new programming language features for web languages such as JavaScript and WebAssembly, but also low-level work such as developing and maintaining ports to new architectures (e.g. RISC-V). We contribute to compilers and language runtimes including V8, JavaScriptCore, SpiderMonkey, and LLVM.

Our recent work includes:

  • Working on standardizing and implementing JavaScript features, such as BigInt and Classes.
  • Developing support for WebAssembly features in web engines, such as Exception Handling.
  • Working on enhancing support for LLVM backends, such as its WebAssembly backend.
  • Maintaining JavaScriptCore support for embedded applications.

What you can expect from the position

In this position, you would get the chance to help improve the state of the art in web programming, and also help advance open source and free software technologies. You would be working in a highly collaborative, diverse, and globally distributed team which includes members in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Our team will provide the mentorship needed to get you involved in our implementation efforts or standardization advocacy for programming languages.

The kind of work we do on the Compilers Team involves collaborating on large-scale codebases written in C/C++, designing, implementing, and maintaining programming language features, and working in various aspects of web programming standardization (e.g., tests, specifications, advocacy, and so on). We do not have strict requirements for this position, but having either a willingness to learn or any existing skills or experience in these areas would be beneficial.


Igalia is a worker-owned company with decades of experience in operating a democratic workplace. As a result, we strive to provide all Igalians with good benefits. At Igalia, you can also develop your career in a unique environment, with opportunities to be involved in the company’s decision making process.

Our specific benefits include:

  • Transparent and equal pay-scale for all workers.
  • Remote-centric/remote-friendly workplace.
  • Ample paid holidays, aligned with European workplace standards.
  • Paid parental leave.
  • Flexible work hours and work week.
  • Democratic workplace.
  • Company summits take place in Spain.
  • Retirement benefits in some countries.

To Apply

Go to our applications webpage and fill in the form. Add your CV and cover letter and please mention that you found this job through the LLVM Discourse posting.



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