Remote debugging - unix socket and/or specific port


I’ve been trying to run lldb-server from within a linux container lately.

When I try to attach from outside the container using lldb command, most steps are successful but I can’t launch the process:

platform select remote-linux :+1:
platform connect connect://IP:PORT :+1:
target create main :+1:
process launch :x:

My guess is that the container only exposes the control port, the one I’m listening to with lldb-server p --listen *:PORT.
And it seems that ports are dynamically allocated to then handle process debugging.

I don’t want my container to expose too many ports, as I usually have in fact only one debuggable process running inside.
(I tried, I can launch my process if the container exposes all ports)

Is there a way to set a range for these dynamically allocated ports using lldb-server?

I can’t find it in the docs, and help command can’t help me either:

lldb-server p [–log-file log-file-name] [–log-channels log-channel-list] [–port-file port-file-path] --server --listen port

Also, is there an option to use unix sockets instead of ports?

Thanks for your help!

  • Adrien Duermael