Remote debugging - unix socket and/or specific port


I’ve been trying to run lldb-server from within a linux container lately.

When I try to attach from outside the container using lldb command, most steps are successful but I can’t launch the process:

platform select remote-linux :+1:
platform connect connect://IP:PORT :+1:
target create main :+1:
process launch :x:

My guess is that the container only exposes the control port, the one I’m listening to with lldb-server p --listen *:PORT.
And it seems that ports are dynamically allocated to then handle process debugging.

I don’t want my container to expose too many ports, as I usually have in fact only one debuggable process running inside.
(I tried, I can launch my process if the container exposes all ports)

Is there a way to set a range for these dynamically allocated ports using lldb-server?

I can’t find it in the docs, and help command can’t help me either:

lldb-server p [–log-file log-file-name] [–log-channels log-channel-list] [–port-file port-file-path] --server --listen port

Also, is there an option to use unix sockets instead of ports?

Thanks for your help!

  • Adrien Duermael

Hi Adrien,

I think your diagnosis is correct here. LLDB does indeed create an additional connection to the gdb-server instance which is started by the platform instance when you start debugging. In case of android platforms we already include code to forward this port automatically, but there is no such thing for linux – we just expect the server to be reachable.

Unfortunately, there is no way to control this behavior at the moment. I suppose you could unblock all ports on the container, but make sure that they are only reachable from the host (I know that’s not ideal).


Hi Pavel,

Thanks for your answer! At least I know it’s not supposed to work as is.
I’ll see if I can do something similar to what you guys did for Android platforms.

Thanks again!


  • Adrien Duermael