[remote] LLVM engineer for differentiable Swift at PassiveLogic

PassiveLogic is building a platform for autonomous control of buildings (and more). Buildings account for about 40% of global energy consumption, and about one-third of greenhouse gas emissions. Fewer than 3% of all buildings have any kind of automation. At PassiveLogic, we believe that making it easy to install and operate building control systems can not only provide a strong step towards decarbonization but also improve the quality of life for everyone working and living in these buildings. We’re building a platform of leading-edge hardware and software to achieve this.

Our control software makes heavy use of the Swift language, and in particular the experimental language feature of differentiable Swift. We perform gradient descent optimization of strongly-typed physics models, and differentiable Swift makes this possible. We’re investing in the advancement of this feature within the Swift open source project and are growing our team working on this within PassiveLogic.

We’re looking for people who are comfortable working within an LLVM-based compiler, such as in the Swift project, but prior experience with Swift is not necessary. Similarly, while we’re doing work on automatic differentiation and more within the Swift project, familiarity with differentiation and optimization is not required. Almost all of the work will be done in public open source projects, and we strongly believe in being positive members of the open source community.

While PassiveLogic is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, this position is fully remote-friendly and is not restricted to the United States. Multiple members of the team you’d be working with are remote. We’re also open to varying levels of experience.

If interested, please apply for the following position: