[remote] Veridise is hiring LLVM Engineers

Veridise (https://www.veridise.com/) is a blockchain security startup focused on using program analysis and formal verification to harden the security of blockchain applications. We’ve developed state-of-the-art security tools such as static analyzers, fuzzers, and symbolic execution engines based on our research published in top academic conferences. We’re also building a SaaS service that makes these tools available to developers with minimal/zero installation or configuration. We are building many of our tools on top of LLVM/MLIR and are looking for experienced engineers to help us!

Some information about Veridise:

  • We are VC funded with a good runway and financials, as well as a 100%-remote, globally distributed team.
  • Our daily work involves compilers, static analysis, fuzzing, formal verification, zero-knowledge proofs, distributed systems, and/or other hard and interesting problems.
  • We offer opportunities to work on open-source projects, as well as research projects that lead to academic publications.

For more information, please see our job posting. To apply, send your resume to ( contact [at] veridise.com ).

Tech stack:

  • R&D / Compilers: Racket, Coq, C++, Python, LLVM, MLIR, some Rust, Nix
  • SaaS team: JavaScript (Vue), Python (FastAPI), Docker, AWS