Without wishing to fan the flames, this struck me as interesting.

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        the weapons of the Gods</td></tr>
      <tr><th>Lemnos</th><td>Greek mythology: the island of Hephaestus
- <tr><td>Gabe McArthur</td><th>Wyrm</th><td>Along the same 'dragon' line,
+ <tr><td rowspan="2">Gabe McArthur</td><th>Wyrm</th><td>Along the same 'dragon' line,
        here's a little old english for you. Also it seems is for
          <pre> " Dracan ec scufun,
@@ -378,6 +378,8 @@
+ <th>Puck</th><td>"Portable Universal(?) Compiler Kit" or "Puck's a Universal Compiler Kit". Short on the command line.
+ Long on ambition, allusions of speed, and a bit of impish delight about the edges.</td></tr>
       <tr><td>Christopher Lamb</td><th>Takoa</th><td>Finnish for 'to hammer' or 'forge'. is unclaimed. The image of a hammer is pretty iconographic.</td>
      </tr><tr><td rowspan="2">Ralph Corderoy</td>