reoptimizer note


In preparation for the LLVM public release, I've moved the reoptimizer
out of the main cvs module "llvm" and into the cvs module "reopt". You
can go ahead and delete the lib/Reoptimizer directory from your tree,
about which cvs will undoubtedly be complaining to you.

If you want to build the reoptimizer, cd into your SPARC tree's
"projects" subdirectory and run "cvs co reopt". Then you will need to
run "./configure", giving the "--with-llvmsrc" and "--with-llvmobj"
options to tell it where your source and object directories are.

If you want to run the reoptimizer on a program, go into reopt/test and
run "gmake SUBDIR=d" where d is the subdirectory of llvm/test/Programs
that contains the program you're interested in. For example, "gmake
SUBDIR=MultiSource/Burg" should run the reoptimizer on burg.

(The reoptimizer's include files still live in the "llvm" module at
llvm/include/llvm/Reoptimizer; they will be moving into "reopt" soon.)