Replacement for the Comprehensive Module Bufferize pass

Hi, all,

we need the createLinalgComprehensiveModuleBufferize pass in our dialect pipeline. This pass has recently been removed from the llvm-project. I wonder what is the right replacement for it. The way we added this pass was like this:

bufferization::OneShotBufferizationOptions bufOpts;
bufOpts.allowReturnAllocs = true;
bufOpts.createDeallocs = false;
bufOpts.fullyDynamicLayoutMaps = false;

Thanks in advance.

@matthias-springer (who is in a different timezone and may need to get back to you for tomorrow)

I suspect that there was a code move in play that he can point you to (we definitely still use this).

This pass was moved to the bufferization dialect and is now called OneShotBufferizePass: llvm-project/Passes.h at main · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub

A few bufferization options have been extended/renamed, e.g., instead of fullyDynamicLayoutMaps = false, use unknownTypeConversion = LayoutMapOption::IdentityLayoutMap.