Reply : How to contribute to LLVM RISC-V Backend

Hi Alex,
Thanks for your reply,Our members in PLCT have read your content in
the url[1]. We are very interested in "Code generation for RISC-V
V-extension". We will communicate in time if there are new questions
or progress.

Thank you
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Hi William,

I found your code base is not based on current instruction definitions for RISC-V “V” vector extension. I think you could rebase your code base on the LLVM master branch first. After that, you could help to implement assemble/disassemble subextensions, i.e., Zvlsseg, Zvamo, and Zvqmac, based on D69987[1]. MC implementation is agreed by the community. I think it is a start point to contribute.

BSC(as part of EPI project) and SiFive have a proposal for code generation strategy for vector extension. I found your code base is based on EPI implementation[2]. I think we already have some agreements of the implementation. Roger is preparing a RFC for the strategy. After Roger publishes his proposal, we could discuss the code generation strategy based on the proposal. After we all agree on the code generation strategy, we could work together to implement vector extension in the upstream. There are lots of vector builtins/intrinsics needed to implement. Thanks.

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