Report on out-of-the-box ./dotest

Hi all,

Could any of you run a ./dotest and post the log (or, at least, the errors and (unexpected) failures) to the list?
An tell me about your OS, if it's a released version. I have some tests that are failing when the test script is run, but not when running them isolated.


An additional detail:

Maybe the problem was from some weird state my machine was in. I rebooted and everything worked fine.
But I'm seeing some zombie processes after running the test suite.



That usually means that something was not code signed correctly and the launch of the process failed. If you pull up Activity Monitor (if you are doing this on a Mac), what do the memory numbers for these zombie process look like? If they have all zeros for the memory, then the process was launched with the darwin specific "stop at entry point" launch flag and the process is SIGSTOP'ed at the entry point.

To get these processes to run you can usually do:

% killall -CONT a.out

Indeed, their memory (in Activity Monitor) is listed as Virtual=0B, Real=4K.
But sending them a SIGCONT won't do anything. ps still lists them in an interruptible wait and there is no change in Activity Monitor.
I'm using Lion, btw.