Reproducing a buildkite premerge check failure locally

This build failed and I’d like to reproduce the failure locally: premerge checks #134045

I tried following the “Reproduce build locally” steps, but could not reproduce the failure on my own (Ubuntu 22.04) machine. Can I get more info about the host OS and toolchain of the machine that ran that build? I see there’s a link to the “agent” that ran it:
but I don’t seem to be able to access anything useful there, at least not without an invitation to join the “llvm-project” organization on buildkite.

I am in that organisation. Here’s what the page would tell you (minus some things like IP address that are probably behind a login wall for a reason).

User Agent buildkite-agent/ (linux; amd64)
OS Debian 11


Jobs This agent has not run any jobs

So double check it’s the right one. Could just be me misinterpreting the UI as well, perhaps these are on demand so the config is the same but not the exact same box as the original run.

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OS Debian 11

That was enough - I can now reproduce the failure in a Debian 11 docker. Thanks!

It’s definitely the right agent. I just copied the link from the “Timeline” tab on the build page premerge checks #134045