[Request] [Admin] Clang-Tidy subforum(?) under "Clang Frontend"

I believe Clang-Tidy as a project is huge enough I believe to warrant its own subforum (sorry I am unsure what the proper terminology here) next to ClangD and the Static Analyser.

(More so due to me being someone who is interested in Tidy-related things, but I cannot subscribe to “search expressions” and there are no related tags.)



+1 to this suggestion – clang-tidy is an active project and people will have RFCs specific to it at some point (like when adding a new module to house checks, potentially contentious checks, etc).

@tonic Could you please advise us on what is the way to move forward with such a request? Is there a more formal petition form that needs to be filled, or a threshold of “support” that needs to be gathered first?

I have created the category. Please let me know if you would like the description changed:

(Is there a way to “close” threads? This one has been solved long ago.)

The author can mark one post as “solution”.