Request advice on reporting many errors found in Fortran test sets

Thanks @kiranchandramohan for your comment

The flang was old when I checked this test set. The flang-new version I presented was wrong. I will be careful when I use flang from now on.
I have confirmed that the compilation and execution of the tests set are correct.


We Fujitsu have reported bugs using our test suite and the bugs are managed in this project. Thank you for your help in fixing these issues.
Please let me clarify the action for the issues categorized as “Works with HLFIR”.

HLFIR lowering is now enabled by default and FIR lowering is being removed.
So should we close these issues?
I’m not sure they are never reproduced with HLFIR lowering because I don’t know the causes of them at the moment. (I think there is no problem to re-open the issues when they come to be reproduced again. I would like to just know your ideas.)


Hello @yus3710-fj.

IMHO all issues categorized as “Works with HLFIR” can now be closed.
These are issues that couldn’t be reproduced using HLFIR lowering, that is now the default, but only with FIR lowering, that follows different code paths in Flang.
I don’t think it’s worth spending time debugging FIR lowering code to find out the cause of the issues. As you mentioned, they can be re-opened later, if needed.

Before closing the issues, you might want to double check that they don’t occur anymore, by trying to reproduce them with the latest Flang, built from main.




Thank you for your comments.
I’ll close the issues after checking that they don’t occur anymore.