Request: As a contributor.

Dear Prof.Vikram.

Really appreciate the hard work and determination in bringing LLVM concept. I had been a GCC contributor for almost 3-4 years, specially in backend with Renesas(SH) targets. Gone through and found very challenging, seems to be better in many areas w.r.t GCC. Seeing the work of LLVM, am motivated to contribute to LLVM with reference to HPC needs. I maybe slow to start with but w.r.t time, will certainly pick up.

Hopefully, Performance w.r.t HPC seems to be known and explored a lot by you as seen from your publications, but tuning LLVM with MPI(in particular OpenMPI) and other HPC requirement still needs to be explored. I think you will appreciate my initiative as a contributor to LLVM.

A brief about me could be available in

Looking forward.

Mukesh K Srivastava


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Tanya Lattner