Request for erasure


As per Article 17 of the GDPR - please kindly erase
completely from your systems any personal information
you may have about me and confirm.

* You can leave the messages I have posted as long as
  my name and email address are anonymized, i.e. a
  simple string search and replace in your databases
  should work. I have used the bugzilla, cve-users and
  cfe-dev lists (in case that may make the process
  easier for you).

+llvm-admin, just in case

I am wondering on the likelihood that there is an anonymization option, that it is not likely.

Would a deletion of all your records work just as well?

Neil Nelson


We have received your request and will work to finish this within the GDPR time requirement. Future communication will be off list.

Thank you,
Tanya Lattner
LLVM Foundation