Request for Git Mirror of VMKit Subproject

Hi all,

Don't suppose VMKit could be added to the set of subprojects with
official git mirrors?

Please and thank you! :slight_smile:


Good idea, I also prefer git :slight_smile:



I can create a mirror, this is not a problem. The only thing I'd like
to know in advance is branch policy - e.g. whether only trunk should
converted, or all the branches as well, etc.

PS: E-mail to llvm-admin would be much more visible :wink:

Thanks, Anton. I always forget about llvm-admin :).

I'd say converting all branches would be best, would help track the
MCJIT work for example.

Gaël, does that sound good to you? You're the one making all the
commits these days :).


It sounds good (sorry for the late answer:)),


Gentle nag ping! :slight_smile: