Request for more review / further discussion on integer range analysis

I’ve written an implementation of an integer range analysis for MLIR, which is currently in the revisions

Currently, I’ve gotten some general design comments on the interface and analysis, but I haven’t gotten any answers to my followup questions on the design feedback for a while. I’m willing to rework things, but I don’t have a good sense of what folks are interested in reworking them to. I also am rather unsure how to add more tests to the earlier parts of the analysis - unit tests (?).

( @River707 @Mogball )

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been semi-OOO. Will take a look today.

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No problem, it happens, I hope your OOO time has been relaxing and/or useful.

Apologies if this was too aggressive a poke.

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No need to worry, this was a fine ping.

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Just saw this post actually. I dropped a comment on the patch yesterday I think.

I was going to get to it earlier this week but I was putting busy out fires :upside_down_face:

Feel free to ping me/us on discord too (I check discourse only intermittently)

There’s a Discord?

There is a link on this page: