request for ubuntu precise 3.7.0 packages for travis-ci


I noticed there isn't any precise packages for 3.7.0

While it is really an old OS, it is the supported platform for now for
Travis-CI (trusty is in Beta), enabling clang/llvm CI builds for lots of
open source projects.

Without this package travis-ci users are limited to testing against 3.6
packages though there is requests in to support 3.8 in the travis ci
container infrastructure.

The current support from travis-ci is far from perfect, (
- -134635601
) and any improvements to provide a more consistently available packages
would be much appreciated.

Travis CI container builds are a fast infrastructure that supports
limited SUID programs though a whitelisting scheme. Their tests may be a
bit adhoc however if anyone has a good explanation for the get/set uid
references in the code, comments would be appreciated on appreciated on
any of the below URLs to enable 3.8 to be whitelisted.

This is a bug and I have plans to fix that.

See here for the CI in charge of building these packages:



Thank you. Much appreciated.

Also in good news, travis-ci has whitelisted 3.8 so we can to test that

Keep up the great work.