Requesting beta version of clang 3.8 with control flow integrity support


My name is Jaewon Yang and I am a doctoral candidate at CS FSU.

I am working on a security solution for industrial control systems (cyber physical systems)

I saw the online document about clang 3.8 and its control flow integrity.

For my research prototype, I need to use ‘clang’ compiler with ‘control flow integrity’ enforcement.

It is for compiling a small c code(less than 100 lines) which is running on Matlab with mex function.

Since this is concept proof prototype, it is not needed to be very stable. So I would be very happy with clang 3.8 beta version.

Would anyone let me know how to get the beta version or current build of clang 3.8 with control flow integrity enfoecement?

Any help would be very appreciated.

For your reference,

I am using OS X Mavericks, Matlab 2015a, Xcode (recent version).

Sincerely and Best,

Jaewon Yang

Just build trunk (that’s 3.8), follow