Requesting to Review on the Cygwin Output please comment your hints on this work

Dear LLVM Developers,

I got some Error Report in Cygwin but i need some clarifications on this professor please have a look in the attachments

#1 I have got the error report when i have made changes in the Sample Debugging Code of our SAFECode which was in the site as test.c
#2 I need to know where this was called in the Source code i was trying very hard to know that please help me out to find the Print function was called
#3 We have another doubt regarding the fflush Function as, i have investigated for c++ programming we have to use “cerr” in stead of “cout” for fflush is that true
#4 Please let me know professor on which part of the Source code i have to make changes to get the perfect output as we have in Linux
#5 i was successful in LINUX to generate the output with other TEST files but i was not able to get things to be better in WINDOWS please help me out to generate the Perfect OUTPUT in the WINDOWS

Requesting for your Reply please make out your time for me i think its just some minutes Thank you very much for your support in Advance.

Thank You.

cygwin output (7.5 KB)

test.c (568 Bytes)