Resource request for garbage collection with LLVM

Hello! Are you aware of any nice resources for building a garbage collector along with/on LLVM IR?

I am currently aware of the following resources, which, while they are very good, they do not provide a “tutorial-based” approach, like to Kaleidoscope tutorial did.

This seems to be the current advancement, though still no-one has provenly used it?

Also, this resource seems to imply that LLVM has “terrible” support for GC (is that even true?) Moreso, does the same described condition hold now, or how have things changed in that direction since 2013?

If there is any nice resource addition you would like to make, please suggest so!

Note: I am leaving a few links on following post, since I am only allowed 2 links, it seems…

Thank you very much,

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The resources here: