Restarting LLVM compiler social in Zurich!

Dear compilers lovers, far and wide, we are re-starting the compiler social in Zurich! Our first event will be on the 6th of September. If you are interested, please register for our meetup:

See you there!

CC: @gysit


Great initiative!

Too bad that particular evening will be an evening of travel for us Googlers as we go to a meeting in Munich.

Any chance to move this to the 5th?
Alex (@ftynse) will also be visiting that day.

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If there is a chance to have a “social pre-reception” before the talk starting at 5-6pm, I could drop by.


Yes, I think we can definitely arrange this. Moving the talk is a bit more complicated as we don’t know if our speaker will be available (he is currently on vacation, and probably not available on the 5th). CC @gysit

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Yes moving seems difficult but meeting up earlier is definitely possible!

Is there a registration process, or is it OK to just show up?

We have a meetup event:

It would be nice if you can register there.

Personally I won’t be able to attend the main event but I’d def. be interested by a pre-event social to catch up for 1 - 1.5h.

Do we need a separate meetup for that or can it be folded within the existing one ?

To all compiler folks in Zurich and surroundings, please contact us if someone is interested in presenting his/her research/work at one of the meetup events. We are always looking for new speakers!