Retrieving assignment operator from AST

Dear All,

I want to retrieve all assignment operator from a given C program. Can anyone please inform me how to do it?Thanks in advance:-) .


ASTMatchers ( ) are probably what you’re looking for. If you’d like examples, clang-tidy’s SimplifyBooleanExprCheck seems to create ASTMatchers for assignment operations.

Readding cfe-dev.

I’m not at all familiar with the Rewriter APIs, so I could be wrong, but ISTM that Rewriter::InsertTextAfter(Loc, Str) will insert text at Loc (after any other text that was previously inserted at Loc). It also looks like bo->getLocEnd() will not return the location of “;” in “foo = bar;”. So, it makes sense that things end up a bit off.

Have you tried using InsertTextAfterToken instead? It looks like that may do what you want.