Retrieving the element to be casted in "ExplicitCastExpr"


In the program I am developing, I search for “ExplicitCastExpr” because I need to print the elements which are being casted. If the program retrieves this expression:

static_cast<KWriteApp *>(kapp);

what I want to print is “kapp”.

However, I have found a problem in that situation:

  • kapp is defined as:
    #define kapp KApplication::kApplication()

  • This is the AST of that expression:

-CXXStaticCastExpr 0x4fcc118 <col:10, col:39> ‘class KWriteApp *’ static_cast<class KWriteApp *> <BaseToDerived (KApplication)>

-CallExpr 0x4fcc0e0 </usr/include/KDE/../kapplication.h:56:14, col:41> 'class KApplication *' -ImplicitCastExpr 0x4fcc0c8 <col:14, col:28> ‘class KApplication ()(void)’
`-DeclRefExpr 0x4fcc068 <col:14, col:28> ‘class KApplication *(void)’ lvalue CXXMethod 0x7f4c9d3c2fe0 ‘kApplication’ ‘class KApplication *(void)’

As you can observe, “kapp” does not appear explicitly in the tree.

  • When in my program I invoke “getSubExpr()” (from the object containing the “ExplicitCastExpr”) to obtain “kapp”, the range of the expression is empty.
    I have also tried with “getSubExprAsWritten()” but it makes no difference. This is the first time I have found a problem with the solution that I had implemented.

The question is:
How could I simply obtain what is being casted as it is written in the code? I do not refer only to this specific situation, but a way to achieve my goal in general.

Thanks in advance.