rev 147099 broke Linux build - old llvm_revision??

In rev 147099, spyffe adds a reference to the field 'DebuggerCastResultToId'
in source/Expression/ClangExpressionParser.cpp which doesn't exist in rev 146622 of clang.

Did someone forget to update the llvm_revision in

Thanks in advance,

I'm not sure it has been applied to the cfe (clang) tree. I had to apply this patch to get it to compile:


which begs the question about applying some of the other diff's but I think most apply to Objective-C only and are applied by the Xcode build. Longer term I believe they will be migrated into the cfe tree but shorter term it should be documented as a dependency.


Mark, Dawn,

those patches are indeed local patches that we are integrating into Clang over time. Once that process is complete, I'll update the revision in scripts/ and remove these patches from the tree.

The reason we're not on TOT Clang right now is because of Objective-C refactoring being conducted on the Clang tree. Once that is done I will be getting some guidance from the Clang developers on how to use the new APIs this refactoring produces.

You're probably all right applying all of the diffs to the Clang tree, but even if you don't care at all about Objective-C you will still care about:

- clang.complete-type-being-converted.diff
- clang.complete-type-being-laid-out.diff
- clang.instantiate-complete-type.diff
- clang.require-complete-type.diff

These affect C/C++ expression fidelity.

Incidentally, the lone LLVM patch

- llvm.communicate-triple.diff

is only necessary if you care about ARMv7-specific Thumb support.